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mercredi 7 décembre 2011

The Museum of Ronit B.


Ronit Barkay is a very good example of : "my house is a museum, I search my all life at the flea market, my inspiration is in the past, embroideries, papers, boxes, images, posters..."

But what is she doing in Israel?
Be aware, Ronit is very rare, I would even say a pearl. Not one house like her house, and the visit is not done on the first time ! I already booked for next time!
All is in his place, even if Ronit said in French (she used to live in France for nearly 30 years) with a charming Israeli accent that it's a "mess"! Where's the mess? It's an incredible place. My look was driven from one object to the other, from one corner to the next and I didn't stopped making pictures. The ONLY thing I had to accept was not to take any picture of Ronit... It's PRIVATE!
But I think that Haaretz Magazine did it for me.
It was just a meeting without timelines, a no realistic time meeting, got it? ( if not, read it in french !)
If we anyway talk about that, I think that this is the leitmotiv of a journalist : to meet and to share... This make you understand the reason you write regularly. It is for this meetings, you meet with beautiful things et beautiful people. Sometimes you have a look at the creativity of somebody else. And the creations are nothing without the one who makes it. Don't you think that making business his personal? Don't you think that to sell to somebody a product it's also to sell about yourself?
I lost myself

So, please find a way to get to the house of Ronit, she is a delicious woman and she's got a delicious house. I am not giving you her address but Facebook is the way to contact her! Ronit, if people are waiting in front of your door it's my mistake! 
Before I met her, I was very confused about what Ronit is doing...On Facebook it was a pair of scissors here, and an embroidered cloth there... Anyway, I needed to meet her. It was  too interesting! So... Ronit is doing a lot of different things, but before I tell you what, I want to give her brand mark : you have to look in the front and in the back. ???? Take the object watch it and turn it around. They will be a little humour touch or love touch! It's because Ronit has a lot of ideas behind the head... And she is not afraid to tell it!
The creations of Ronit

First of all nice notebooks where you can take notes, write your diary, or put all your tasks of the day. For me it would be all at once. There are many sizes with very nice illustrations. You can also fall in love for a little wall decoration.

 Then there are all the embroidery : on pillows and a lot of handmade creations like a little wallet for needles.
And finally the key chain that are making noise in your bag, when your keys are somewhere inside and you don't find them...It remind me on someone, but right now I don't know who...

I am sure that Ronit won be mad at me if I forgot to describe some goodies... You will need to see by yourself.
On the top and very impressive, Ronit makes business cards, and all the stationery  you need for business... She realizes all what she imagines!
Ahhh if you pass by Tel Aviv...She is also very interested to cooperate with shops all over the world!
Let me give you a tip, it's next to Kikar Hamedina, but chhhhuuut (with a french accent), I am not letting you know any secret... NEVER

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