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mardi 8 mai 2012

Bday: Giveaway, win an Hollamama necklace!

May 17 is the anniversary of Ce que Je Regarde Blog ... 1 YEAR!
What I Look is an outstanding adventure that allowed me to meet you and share many incredible experiences.
It is time to make you a gift ... Play for the giveaway Ce Que Je Regarde-Hollamama.
Here are the rules:

1 - Write a comment on the blog (below) by giving the doll concept Hollamama you want to receive ... The One you see yourself the most!
2 - Like Hollamama Facebook page if you haven't already!
3 - Like Facebook page Ce Que Je Regarde if you haven't done yet!
4 - Share the link for the giveaway on your Facebook wall...

And you have every chance to win one of these beautiful necklaces!

I wish you luck good luck ! See you on may 17th!

Men can also participate, because there is certainly a woman in your life who would appreciate an Hollamama!

Good Luck!

Chinese Hamsa:
The Chinese woman is good and enchanting. She sets harmony and pleasant mood to her surroundings. She keeps the spark of life and the playful innocence which we are born with. As a mother, she is optimistic and protects her children's heart.

Folkloric Hamsa:
The East-European woman represents warmness, soft-heartiness and closeness to mother earth. Her outer appearance brings to mind a Russian Babushka, which symbolizes motherhood, fertility, and the development of woman strength. As a mother she is soft, pleasant, and sets the secure feeling for her children.

Indian Hamsa:
The Indian woman gives a great meaning to aesthetics and beauty. She has intuitive abilities and the power within her to look into the future. Her motherly intuition enables her non-verbal communication with her children.

Japanese Hamsa:
The Japanese woman is gentle, meticulous yet assertive and intelligent. As a mother, she is a peacemaker and a joy-bringer to her home. The Hamsas on her belly express the blessing for fertility and motherly protection since  her early pregnancy.

4 commentaires:

Chloe a dit…

Chinese women are the best!

Anonyme a dit…

maaaaaazal tooooooov;)
hihihiiiiii....me like bigtime....
hugs mell

judith a dit…

the Chinese is the best!!! I love hollamama so beautiful!!!!

Sarah a dit…

Bon anniversaire! Plein de bonnes choses et de nombreuses années encore à ton blog, à toi et ts ceux qui auront la chance de travailler avec toi! Tu es une formidable ambassadrice d'hollamama!!!!