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lundi 14 novembre 2011

****Tel Aviv Part 2 : The Namal and Mezizim... ****Always on my bike****

****Remember my post in french on my bike? I would like to let you discover a bit of my daily life in Tel Aviv, but this time in english.... For me - and I know it sounds strange- this place is the best place in the world... Tel Aviv is a mix of Soul, of town and village, of fashion and style, of rich and poor, of all... I think this town is very religious. I know that most of you will think that I am crazy to say that. But I mean, walking in TLV is not like walking everywhere, it is getting spiritual food...And I love to eat! 
That's my life : being happy everyday about the place I am. Good start to win ! It took me a long time to know that this is the place to be.
Do you know the song : "in New York, nananananananananana"(yeah... I am french...don't know exactly the words)... ? Why there is no power song that way about TEL AVIV?

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